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We are currently working on updating our website.

In the past, we have focused specifically on a single Sandtrooper, Davin Felth. However we are broadening the scope of this site to include information regarding all seven desert stormtroopers seen in Star Wars.

This is a huge undertaking as the many part of the stormtrooper costumes were mixed and matched on set and change dramatically between shots.

The purpose of this site is to help you identify each of the seven troopers and know where they are in which scenes. The secondary purpose is to document the different armor and accessories for those who might want to make their own replica armor.

This site is NOT intended to be a guide for building replica armor but to be a resource for information regarding the original armor and accessories.

If you are looking for information on building your own armor please visit:


For now, we are leaving up our old table of contents, but this will be changing as we begin to provide new information on all the stormtroopers.

What makes Davin special?
How to identify Davin
Sandtrooper/Stormtrooper Comparison

Scene Analysis
Star Wars: ANH
Publicity and Behind-the-Scenes
HIGH Definition Screen Capture Gallery

Dewback Saddle Bag
Magazine Pouches
Shoulder Pouch

NEW!!! Gino v2 Replica Helmet
Prop Replica Armor
Replica Weathering Tutorial
Replica Body Glove
Replica Heavy Blaster Rifle
Replica DLT-19

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