Davin has several major details that help to distinguish him from his fellow desert stormtroopers. These details are listed below by degree of visibility.


The most obvious feature that sets desert stormtroopers apart from their standard stormtrooper counterparts and even from each other are their pauldrons. Davin is one of two white pauldron troopers. The other, unnamed white pauldron trooper can be seen in the Garindan and Docking Bay 94 scenes of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Note: a dewback rider figure was created by Hasbro with a grey pauldron but there is not a grey pauldron trooper. They simply misinterpreted the Davin's dirty white pauldron as grey.


Another detail that makes Davin quickly recognizable is the large, diagonal splash of crud across his right breast and pauldron. The mark is so dark and so large that it can be seen even at a considerable distance making Davin stand out in a crowd.

Although not a completely unique detail, Davin wears a shoulder pauldron that has a small tool pouch attached to the bottom outside corner. The only other trooper(s) that have this same pouch is/are the orange pauldron trooper who says "Move Along" and possibly the second white pauldron trooper.


Davin's helmet is unlike any other trooper.

1. Roundish scuff on right side of forehead
2. Dark flame/star pattern in center of forehead
3. Long horizontal scuff on left side of forehead
4. Small dark spot between eyes
5. Small dark spot on bridge of nose
6. Small dark spot under right eye
7. Elongated "s" shape at top of right aerator hole

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