DAVIN FELTH as seen in

The first glimpse of Davin comes in the very first desert stormtrooper scene of the movie. Davin rises from the sand holding a small, metallic, conical droid part and says,"Look, Sir! Droids!"

Davin's helmet appears on the black pauldron trooper in the roadblock scene. The trooper is standing to the left of the orange pauldron trooper who says, "Move Along." Note: the pattern of weathering is consistant with other images of Davin's helmet, but the amount of weathering has been significantly reduced. Also note the orange pauldron trooper wears the same shoulder pouch as Davin.

While Davin's helmet is worn by a black pauldron trooper, his armor is worn by the trooper immediately to the black pauldron trooper's left. I assume the trooper wearing Davin's pauldron, shoulder pouch and armor to be the "real" Davin Felth. The swapped helmet is, seemingly, a continuity error. Note Davin's tell tale pouch with the small 4th pocket on the trooper behind C-3PO in the image below. This trooper is indeed wearing Davin's pauldron, pouch and armor as can be seen in a production still from the same scene.

Although not definitely Davin, a white pauldron trooper is seen outside the Mos Eisley cantina questioning a cantina patron moments before two troopers, one of which is Davin, enter the cantina. It is implied this white pauldron trooper is Davin Felth..

After questioning Wuher, the bartender, an orange pauldron trooper, followed by Davin, head around the bar, towards Han Solo and Chewbacca. Davin is indentified by the distinctive weathering on his pauldron. Note: it appears that Davin is wearing a different helmet in this scene as in the roadblock scene above.

Davin follows the orange pauldron trooper past Han Solo and Chewbacca's table. Again, the weathing pattern on the pauldron and armor identifies him.

Although not definitively Davin, as with the exterior cantina scene above, a white pauldron trooper, wearing the same backpack as Davin, is part of the door-to-door search party for the droids..


Davin is next seen as he and 6 other troopers march through an alleyway, headed towards Docking Bay 94. In this scene and the following scene, in the Docking Bay, there is some question as to which trooper is actually Davin as there are TWO troopers with a white pauldron. Seen below is the first white pauldron trooper (from here on, referred to as WPT1) who is immediately behind the lead trooper carrying the T-21.

Although difficult to see, a SECOND white pauldron trooper (from here on, referred to as WPT2) emerges at the end of the procession.

Another shot, in the alleyway, just before the entourage encounters Garindan. Note what appears to be Davin's tell tale pouch on WPT1. However, neither orange pauldron trooper has the "Davin pouch" as is seen on the orange pauldron trooper who says "Move Along" in the roadblock scene. Perhaps WPT1 is wearing that pouch in these scenes.

Just before entering Docking Bay 94, WPT1 can be seen again. Note: this trooper is wearing a different backpack than Davin is seen wearing in other scenes, implying this trooper is NOT Davin!

Below is WPT2 just before he enters Docking Bay 94. Note that this trooper is wearing the same backpack Davin Felth is seen wearing in other scenes, implying this is Davin Felth!

WPT1 is the second trooper to enter Docking Bay 94.

WPT1 prepares to fire on Han Solo.

WPT1 anticipates return fire and heads for cover just as WPT2 enters the Docking Bay.

Closeup of WPT1 as he begins to head for cover as orange pauldron trooper, carrying T-21, charges forward. Note WPT2 on the far right of the shot.

Solo returns fire just before WPT1 reaches cover. At this point WPT2 is also moving to a position of cover immediately behind WPT1.

WPT2 fires on Solo from a position of cover.

WPT1 follows WPT2's lead and fires on Solo.

Closeup of WPT1 preparing to fire on Solo from position of cover.

WPT1 ducks from return fire...

...then emerges and fires again. Note: WPT2 emerges from cover behind WPT1...

...and fires on Solo.

Although neither white pauldron trooper can be identified in this shot, it is assumed that they continues to fire upon the Millenium Flacon as it blasts away. Note that these are all CG troopers, so it is unlikely that the correct pauldron colors were represented.

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