What makes Davin special?

- Davin is present in every major desert stormtrooper scene in Star Wars: A New Hope.

- Davin appears in almost every desert stormtrooper publicity and behind-the-scenes photo.

- Davin is the dewback rider seen in early publicity photos.

- Davin is the trooper who finds the crucial piece of evidence proving droids occupied the Tantive IV escape pod.

- Davin weilds almost every desert stormrooper weapon, including the E-11, the DLT-19, and the Heavy Blaster Rifle!

- Davin takes cover when being fired upon by Han Solo while many of the other troopers rush blindly to their demise.

- Davin is the most heavily weathered desert stormtrooper!

Davin is the DEFINITIVE desert stormtrooper!


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