The body glove, sometimes referred to as the undersuit, is the base upon which the stormtrooper/sandtroopers armor sits. It is unclear what the exact material used was but it appears that

The best place to buy a stormtrooper body glove, (black undersuit) is RENAISSANCE DANCEWEAR!!! Not only did R.D. provided the body gloves for the Star Wars tour suits but they will also customize your order to fit your specific needs.

Click here to see a description of the body glove and related products in Renaissance Dancewear's own words.

It is recommended that you order the footless black cotton/lycra unitard with longsleeves, crewneck, front zip and additional crotch zip. You will NOT need foot stirrups or a hood.

Why a cotton/lycra blend instead of nylon/lycra?
  • Most nylon/lycra suits are VERY thin (about 5oz material) and will not stand up to the abuse the armor puts on it.
  • Due to the extremely thin material, many forms of nylon/lycra are not completely opaque.
  • Nylon/lycra picks very easily and velcro is VERY hard on it! Nylon/lycra does not breath very well and does not wick perspiration away from the body.
  • Nylon/lycra is very shiny. None of the troopers from any of the Star Wars movies had shiny body gloves.

The cotton/lycra (90% cotton/10% lycra) body gloves offered by Renaissance Dancewear are made from 13 oz material which is extremely durable yet lightweight and very comfortable. The cotton WILL absorb perspiration, wicking it away from the body and due to the thicker material these body gloves are completely opaque! Best of all the cotton/lycra material have a deep flatte black matte finish which is much more accurate to what is seen in the Star Wars movies!

The price is ~$100, (including shipping), plus $25.00 if a custom pattern has to be made. Turn around time is approx two weeks.

Below are pics of my custom R.D. body glove. I have a longer than average torso and STACEY LEIGH from Renaissance Dancewear was more than willing to work with me and get measurements to make sure my body glove fit just right! Here are the measurements you should have ready when you order!

- Chest
- Waist
- Inseam
- Height
- Girth*
- Sleeve

* Girth measurement is taken by starting at your shoulder at the base of your neck, measuring down the front, through your crotch, and up your back to where you started. This measurement is a loop and will tell if you have a longer than usual torso, (a problem which is encountered with some "Stormtroopers"). Renaissance Dancewear can then adjust the torso length to fit you properly!

Renaissance Danewear is VERY open to suggestions! If you have comments or suggestions regarding the body glove please email STACEY LEIGH!

Last updated: January 19, 2004 7:26 AM EST