Stolla Wein MP40 Pouch

The Stolla Wein MP-40 Triple Magazine Pouch

While the desert stormtroopers (or sandtroopers) wore several different pouches, the pouch that is seen most often is the German MP-40 triple magazine pouch. It is seen worn on both the left shoulder and on the waist belt of the stormtroopers.

For years we have believed that original MP-40 pouches were used, as the production team used a large number of other "found items" in the movie. However, after years of researching the pouches seen on screen, we have come to the conclusion that the pouches used in the film were created by the Star Wars art department and are in fact not original MP-40 pouches.

Many people believe MP-40 pouches produced by the Austrian manufacturer, "Stolla Wein" are the pouches that were used by the stormtroopers and even this site has pushed this view for several years. However, as high definition copies of Star Wars have become available and as more still photographs from on location have been published, it has become apparent that the Stolla Wein pouch has a number of differences from the pouches used in the filming of the desert stormtrooper scenes.

As the Stolla Wein pouch is incorrect, we won't go into an analysis of its shortcomings but will instead focus on the details found on the pouches used during filming and explain why we believe those pouches were produced by the art department of Star Wars.

While the Stolla Wein pouch may not be "screen accurate" it is a very nice and well constructed pouch and it would be difficlt to fault anyone for using them in creating a replica of the desert stormtroopers seen in Star Wars: A New Hope.


Pouch Flap Rivets

Stormtrooper MP-40 Triple Magazine Pouch

There are a number of reasons we believe the art department of Star Wars replicated the MP-40 pouches. While we won't go into every one of them, here are four key details:

Pouch flap attachment: The flaps for each pouch are attached via two rivets through the back of the MP-40 pouch. While some Norwegian made MP-40 pouches do utilize rivets, no pouches we have ever found use rivets to attach the pouch flaps. The pouch flaps on all original pouches (that we know of) are either sewn on or are a continuous piece of the back of the pouch.

.Pouch flap shape: The pouch flap shape varies by manufacturer. Stolla Wein flaps have a housrglass shape, ending in a point. Norwegian made flaps are squared off, with rounded corners. Other manufaturers' flaps feature a squared off end with large angled corners. The flap shapes on the pouches used by the stormtroopers have a "blunted arrowhead" shape which we have never found on an original pouch.

Pouch pocket height: Unlike every original pouch we have seen, the pouch pocket for each magaine on the stormtrooper magazines extends to the very top of the pouch, rendering the pouches virtually unusable as the magazines would be extremely difficult to retrieve once they had been placed inside the pouch.

Overall quality/build: By and large, the build quality of original German MP-40 is very high. Tolerances are tight and the final product exudes crispness and quality. The pouches seen on the stormtroopers are jsut the opposite. They are sloppy, with very loose tolerances and have an overall dishevelled appearance.

Pouch Flap Shape
Pouch Pocket Height